3rd Annual Automotive Swap Meet Pompano Beach Florida

3rd Annual Automotive Swap Meet Pompano Beach Florida. Buy and sell, wheel and deal. Free entry for the public. Music and food trucks. Sunday, June 24th, 2018. 318 SW 14th Avenue, Pompano Beach Florida 33069. We have 30 10×15′ vendor spots. $20 per spot. Pre-pay to reserve. For more info call Dave @ 954-247-9362 or Joe at 954-532-2778.

U DO IT Lift Rentals is a South Florida one stop fully stocked automotive rental facility located in Pompano Beach, Florida. Working on your car is fun, and easier than ever! With more repair information online and accessible, coupled with our experts on staff you can rest easy fixing your car yourself. Empower yourself, kick the mechanic to the curb, send those jack stands back into the corner. You have a lift, the tools, expert assistance steps away, all waiting for you

Whether you are a mobile mechanic, a car enthusiast or an aspiring automotive repair technician, we have everything you need for your basic car repairs. Bring your Hot Rods, Tuners or daily drivers. U DO IT Lift Rentals is an excellent idea for people that want to work on their own car but may not have the garage space or tools to do so at home.

Fixing your own car has never been easier or more efficient. We are confident you won’t find a better, more professional environment to repair your car yourself.


318 SW 14th AVE.  |  POMPANO BEACH, FL 33069